Diana Gallegos



"For the Love of Hair
& Make-up!"




Diana has been cutting my hair for the past three years and the transformation has been remarkable. The first thirty-something years of my life were one big bad hair day. I was blessed with thick frizzy hair and no product or stylist could do anything of lasting value to improve the situation. At best, a stylist could have my hair looking good for 48 hours, and after that I was back to mushroom head. Then I met Diana. She was recommended to me by my colorist, Mia, who has gorgeous, thick, sexy hair so I signed on with Diana and don't ever want another person cutting my hair. Products are nice but at the end of the day it is the stylist who works magic with her shears, and Diana is brilliant. I now love my hair.  It is thick and wavy and very hot mama. The best part?  I hardly do a thing to style it. Diana took my lifestyle (mom of four kids) into account and gave me an effortless style that works for me day in and day out. Before, nothing I could do would make my hair look pretty; now I do next to nothing and it's pretty on it's own. I wear my hair everyday, so a great cut is worth my hour drive into the city. Thank you, Diana!



I was 16 years old when I first met Diana in San Francisco. My thick curly hair was down to my bottom and I had decided that it was finally time for a change (I had grown my hair out since I was little). Knowing how difficult my hair was to manage, between it’s length, thickness, and curls, I knew that I needed to do some research to find the right hairdresser who knows what they are doing, particularly with cutting thick curly hair. My mom and I called several salons and practically interviewed stylists to make sure they were suitable to be the one to cut my long hair. Then we found Diana, a woman with magic hands, who cut my long hair that ended up being 18 inches of braid. Diana knew exactly what to do with my hair, how to layer it, how to style it, how to make it look fabulous and make me see myself differently. Im almost 25 now and I haven’t gone to anyone else since I first met Diana and she blew me away with her talent. Every time I see her I know she’s going to make me look nothing less than fabulous.



"Diana is a hair genius! I am not an easy person to please when it comes to my hair as I have high expectations. I grew up with a Mother who was an educator for Redken and owned her own salon. I have lived in San Francisco for 13 years and have been trying to find someone who I could trust to cut my hair. Well after many bad haircuts, tears and total frustration, I have found that person. Diana is truly an artist! She has transformed my hair. I LOVE my haircut - you can always trust her to give you the perfect cut that is right for you. I will never let anyone else cut my hair. Diana is a true professional and one of the best!"



"There are some people in life you follow, no matter where they hang their shingle. I've been going to Diana for 15+ years, with a specific agenda: look fabulous. She's been so flexible, and has lived through several whims, from short and sleek to now longer and tousled. No matter what, I know that I can count on her to go with a look that works well with my hair type and personal style! I always walk out feeling like a million bucks!!"

- Carla S.


I have been fortunate to have Diana cut my hair for the past 8 years during which time my hair has changed in texture and curl. That hasn't stopped Diana from doing her magic!  No matter what my hair decides to do, whether remaining curly for many years or suddenly getting straight on one side and underneath, Diana has remained undaunted.  She not only cuts carefully and creatively, but she has a wonderful eye to see what looks best for my face, age, and personality. A few years ago when my hair started getting frizzier, Diana recommended the Keratin Express treatment so I could still keep the waves but eliminate the frizz. No matter how labor intensive it is for her, she takes her time to carefully do the treatment well. As a result, styling my hair in the mornings is quick and easy.

Diana is a cutter extraordinaire and I whole heartedly recommend her!  Get ready for lots of compliments!
Marta Fuchs


NO ELECTRIC RAZORS WITH GUARD NUMBER TWO OR THREE FOR ME! Scissors over comb is the way I prefer and Diana has been cutting my hair this way for twenty years. I compare her level of excellence to a true encounter that happened to me some years back when Diana was out of the country. I needed a haircut so I went to a very high-end salon and was handed over to a young stylist. As we began to converse, I discussed my hair cutter Diana, her experience and salons she was associated with in the bay area. The owner of the salon had been eavesdropping all that time and when the young stylist said she was finished the owner jumped over to her chair and said "No you are not!" He told her that their was a uneven bulk in the haircut and asked her to point it out. She could not point out the error and I did! The owner pointed out that Diana was such a expert cutter that she even had her clients eyes trained!! I learned from that point on that experience counts and always,always schedule an appt. with Diana before she leaves on vacation!!



Diana managed to make my hair look voluminous, healthy, and sleek without cutting half of it off. I was very concerned about seeing a hairstylist before I saw Diana, I have very long hair and I wanted to keep it that way ( much to the dismay of many other hairstylists). She not only listened to what I wanted but also gave her knowledgable opinion and I ended up with, dare I say, just what I wanted. Thank you Diana, you are a great stylist for long hair and I would trust your scissors on my prized golden locks any day.



Diana is awesome hair dresser. I have gone to her for over 10 years and have always received complements on my hair cut. Love that girrrl!

Andree McManus


Diana Gallegos is amazingly talented at her craft. In this town, you have to back up that kind of statement and she absolutely does. She can make even the most frizzy hot mess of tangles (mine) look stunning.  Her cutting style is unique and the results are incredible.

Diana has been cutting and styling my hair for the past 2 years. Every time I leave looking fabulous. Whether she styles my hair curly or straight after cutting it, it always looks awesome. The cut really lasts, too, which says so much about her talent.

I recommend Diana to anyone who wants the best, because she IS the best.

kristi witt,


I arrived in Diana's chair for the first time with my two year old daughter in tow. New in town, I chose a salon and accepted an appointment with a Diana Gallegos, hoping for the best. And the best I got! Seventeen years later I have followed Diana from salon to salon. My daughter, now a college student,has been having her hair styled by Diana since she was three. We look forward to those appointments not only for the beautiful cut we inevitably receive but for the camaraderie, quick wit and good spirit of Diana. She is a hairstylist to trust, she always knows what is best and we will follow Diana wherever she and her scissors go!

See you soon I hope!!



I love my new haircut!  I had my first haircut with Diana after a recommendation from a friend, and am extremely happy with it.  She knew exactly what cut I wanted and what would work best after speaking with me.  She definitely is talented with scissors!  A few snips here and there, and a blow-dry later, she turned my flat, boring hair into voluminous, sexy strands.  She understands hair, is fun to talk with, and I highly recommend her.


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